Handcrafted in Denmark

The Viking god Njord has given name to our gins handcrafted from botanicals, grain, potatoes, patience and curiosity. In a small copper still in the heart of Jutland, it all boils down to a deep and complex flavour.

Years ago we started a journey into the wonderful world of gin. G&T's with mainstream brands and mass-produced spirit were the thing. But we soon dived into the complex universe of smaller and lesser-known gin brands. This became a point of no return.


Every drop has a high quality. Each batch has its own personality. Season, soil and soul decide. Enjoy the mystery. Enjoy with care. It's your nature, distilled.


“Never stop exploring”

Our mission is simple: To continue the development of handcrafted gin of high quality with a distinct flavour.

Open innovation and continuous dialogue with engaged gin lovers and experts is vital in our development. This is imperative for the future development as well. Don't hesitate to write us and visit us at Facebook or Instagram.

BORN IN 2014

Our babies

The gins created by Njord are a reflection of nature. Njord goes beyond the simplistic flavour profiles traditionally consisting of juniper berries, coriander seeds and few other botanicals. Instead, we create unique complex gins rooted in Danish nature.

We are aiming to distill the most interesting gins possibly focusing on using complex distillates and hand-picked botanicals. That is why our babies are appreciated at the best restaurants and cocktail bars, loved by people who desire new taste experiences and why Njord is internationally renowned and awarded.


100% Natural Ingredients

Each batch has a different personality, depending on the season, soil and soul of the nature. Each bottle is original.


Handcrafted in Denmark

From picking botanicals to putting the gin in bottles, each of our gins goes through a number of hands, making sure you get the best quality.


International Shipping 

Exploring knows no boundaries - and that applies to exploring new tastes too. Feel free to discuss international shipping with us here .


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