Distilled Mother Nature

Alcoholic strength: 40% 

Distillate made from potato.

Silver medal in Berlin International Spirit Competition in 2016 and winner of local product of the year Eastern Jutland competition "Madkulturen" in 2016.

Botanicals: Juniper, sea buckthorn, rowanberry, woodruff, spruce, angelica, liquorice root and coriander.

Distilled Mother Nature, our firstborn baby, was brought to shops, bars and restaurants for the first time in 2014.

This groundbreaking gin (and probably the first Danish Gin in this century) won a lot of bartenders’ and chefs’ hearts, and it has been a Danish gin classic ever since due to its distinct and elegant personality.

The potato distillate provides Mother Nature with a round, deep and creamy character that perfectly matches the mild sweetness created by the characteristic botanicals used. Under the simple surface lay many layers that slowly emerge, taking you deeper and deeper into wild Danish nature.

Mother Nature is eminent as a sipping gin and also comes into its own in simple cocktails such as in a Dry Martini or in a gin & tonic as below:

Mother’s Gin & Tonic:
4 cl Distilled Mother Nature
12 cl Dry (Indian) Tonic

How to:
1. Fill glass with ice
2. Add gin and stir with a bar spoon
3. Add tonic slowly to keep it as fizzy as possible
4. Garnish with sea buckthorn berries


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About the first four batches:

  • Batch 1: The original
  • Batch 2: A bit more woodruff 
  • Batch 3: Close to batch 1 but a little more smooth
  • Batch 4: Close to batch 3 but little less licorice finish

Looking for a special batch? - just write an email to welovegin@spiritofnjord.com