Read, Mix & Drink: Distilled Sand And Sea + 1 Cocktail book + 2 Fentiman Connoisseurs tonics

This special combo contains:

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Gin & Tonic Suggestion

  • 3 cl Distilled Sand And Sea
  • 12 cl Connoisseur's Tonic
  • Dried seaweed or Seabuckthorn berries

How to:

  1. Fill glass with ice
  2. Add gin and stir with a bar spoon
  3. Add tonic slowly to keep it as fizzy as possible
  4. Garnish with seaweed or seabuckthorn berries


About Distilled Sand And Sea
The gin is distilled with seaweed, sea beet, beach mustard and seakale together with our housemade potato and barley malt distillates and a range of botanicals from our Njord Gin DNA. 

The botanicals from the sea and the beach provide a deep, salty, green, peberish and umami like dimension.

Distilled Sand And Sea has won Gold Medal in blind tasting in Berlin International Spirit Competition in 2016 and the same year in also won the product competition in the chef’s competition 'Sol Over Gudhjem' where a panel of top chefs awarded it the victory in the tough final.

ABV is 45%.