A magical visit at an avantgarde thinking micro distillery placed in an iconic old building: A special Saturday once a month

Our iconic distillery building located in the South Harbour area of Aarhus City is a hidden gem.

You now have the opportunity to come and experience our avantgarde thinking and award winning micro distillery placed in an old Pumping Station from 1913. We have transformed and rebuild the building to what we believe is a true magical place for people who love unique taste experinces and great architecture. 

You get to lay your eyes on the huge window panes in each end of the building, the grand cathedral-like arch of the ceiling and of course our handcrafted copper still, Frau Müller. However, it doesn't stop there. Naturally, you will also get to taste the gin we distill. The beautiful surroundings and great gin go hand in hand we think.

Gin connoisseur and full-time Njord Viking Christopher, will make sure to start things off properly by serving you a draught Bluetail cocktail, which is an exciting new collaboration with Carlsberg.

He will then show you around the distillery and most surely tell you a couple of good stories.

Afterwards we taste two Njord gins - both neat and with tonic. It's then possible to mingle, take photos, ask questions and even buy a bottle in our small distillery shop to bring home as a souvenir. 

It costs 200 DKK per person, and the whole duration of the tour and sample tasting is 45 minutes.

The price includes a gin cocktail and two Njord samples.

The distillery tour will be held in Danish unless there are non-Danish speakers present.

Also consider the extended distillery tour and tasting (in Danish):
The extended tour takes at least one hour and a half and provides you with more in depth gin knowledge and more gins to taste.  After an introduction to the distillery  accompanied with a freshly made gin cocktail you'll be seated at our second floor where you have great view over our distillery, and here you'll taste different Njord gins. Read more and book here on this website (in Danish)