Distilled Sun And Citrus

Alcohol strength: 47.5%

Distillate made from malt.

Botanicals: The eight botanicals from Distilled Mother Nature are joined by lemon verbena, lemon balm, lemon and orange peel, blueberry, blackberry, Scotch rose, heather flower, dog rose, thyme, rosemary, linden flower and birch sap.

The result is botanical wildness, and the taste travels far and wide from the first, distinct citrus notes over floral components to the deeper, sweet layers. The wildness is driven by the high alcoholic strength from the home-made, characteristic malt distillate.

Despite the alcohol content, the distillate is a bright palette filled with flavour under the many light, citrus and floral layers characterising this gin. Distilled Sun and Citrus makes a positive difference in gin-based cocktails and brings out the summer and sun in a G&T.

About the first four batches:
Batch 1: The original
Batch 2: A little less citrus 
Batch 3: Close to batch 2
Batch 4: From this batch lemon balm is added - gives an extra lemon dimension. 

Looking for a special batch?  - just write an email to welovegin@spiritofnjord.com