Read, Mix & Drink: Distilled Slow Sloe + 1 cocktail book + 2 Fentiman Yuzu Tonic Water

This special combo contains:

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Gin & Tonic Suggestion

  • 4 cl Distilled Slow Sloe 
  • 12 cl Fentimans Yuzu Tonic
  • Blackberries

 How to:

  1. Fill glass with ice
  2. Add gin and stir with a bar spoon
  3. Add tonic slowly to keep it as fizzy as possible
  4. Give it a stir to mix ingredients
  5. Squeeze the blackberries gently and put them into the glass afterwards


About Distilled Merry Cherry

Aged for 10-12 months.

Alcoholic strength: 29%

Distillate: Potato and barley malt.

This gin is a result of Spirit of Njord's ever-growing desire to discover nature. An autumnal aura lingers around it due to the infusion of sloe berries.

First we developed an especially citrussy gin, and then we infused it with both sloe berries and a few blackberries and let it rest for 10-12 months.

The house made distillate provides new depths and wide horizons together with blackberry and botanicals from the Njord DNA. Before bottling we amplified the sweetness from the berries with honey.

The result is a mysterious and appetizing taste that balances sweetness and tartness. Great for sipping slowly on its own or in cocktails. It's your nature. Distilled.