Liquid Gastronomy Laboratory - LigaLAB

Years ago Njord started an winding and wonderful journey into the univers of creating high quality gins that the world have never tasted. Until now we have invented more than 10 distinct Njord gins that stands out from the crowd with their complex and daring tasting profils. And many more gins will developed.

But we don't stop here: Together with researchers from Aarhus University, superb cocktail guys from Cocktailkonsortiet and the Michelin star Restaurant Domestic Njord in 2017 created LIquid GAstronomy LABoratory - called LIGALAB.

Our LIGALAB mission is simple: To develop high quality gin based hybrid spirits or spirits related to gins. All spirits from LIGALAB must have distinct flavour and reuse is an important part of the liquids made in LIGALAB.

Until now we have created a sparkling gin based on our sloe gin, a vermouth based on our Mother Nature gin, tonic sirups, a beer made for mixing in gin cocktails, and much more. And some of the products are already avaliable in selected shops, bars and restaurants.

Open innovation and continuous dialogue with engaged spirit lovers and experts is vital in the development. This communication is imperative for the future development as well. Don't hesitate to write to us at if you like to play with us in LIGALAB.

More about LIGALAB in the video below (in Danish)