Bluetail - organic cocktails on tap

Bluetail are organic cocktails on tap. The first 2020 versions of the cocktails are available in selected bars and restaurants from March.

Njord Ligalab has developed and distilled the gin, and has selected the rum used in the Bluetail cocktails which are born by Njord in cooperation with Carlsberg in our Bluetail Lab and development facilities next to Njords' distillery in Aarhus. The cocktails are put on kegs in Carlsbergs brewery in Fredericia.

Some of you have already met the cocktails in 2019 at @distortion, @northside, @roskilde @grønkoncert and other nice places. 

2019: More info at Carlsberg Denmark
2020: Article by food connoisseur Rasmus Palsgård - More info will follow later

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