Bottle Rocket Martinez

The Bottle Rocket take on the Martinez is a sweet but potent adventure smoothened by maturation in small oak barrels for several months.

This Martinez is made with the spicy and full-bodied Njord Distilled United Natures gin combined with the sweet Antica Formula vermouth. A fruity cherry liqueur and orange bitters help create the characteristic flavour of a Martinez which is smoothened and rounded by barrel aging.

The Bottle Rocket Martinez is one of five versions in a series of high-proof gin cocktails which include both classics and own inventions – all elegantly handcrafted to perfection and barrel aged to achieve even more complexity.

The Martinez comes pre-diluted and is ready to serve ice cold right out of the bottle. The bottle contains two cocktails.

Suggested garnish: Orange peel

20 cl | 22 % alc.

Developed by Njord LIGALAB